Re: Unthinkable in Literature

Hi Katie,
Please, can that text be found on Internet? Ill be
very thankfull if u tell me!

Rgards! Zhivko
--- Katie Chenoweth <katieinaix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Quoting:
> >Saints are created from fictional accounts of
> Writers who >expeienced some
> >kind of martydom for their faith. Faith leads to
> >attempts to convert
> >others. Instead I suggest (all too hastily I
> >regret) let writing target
> >errors, write about
> >writing that unloosens the fabricated knowledge
> inherited from the past.
> Not that it's necessarily contradicts what you
> suggest, but I'm wondering if
> you're familiar with the novel by Herve Guibert, "A
> l'ami qui ne m'a pas
> sauve la vie" (To the friend who didn't save my
> life) which is in large part
> a hagiography of Foucault, implying him as a
> quasi-religious icon, even
> while (or precisely because) Guibert reveals aspects
> of Foucault's life that
> he tried to hide from the public while he was living
> -- that he had AIDS,
> that he frequented S&M clubs, etc. (to some extent,
> even the fact that he
> was gay). In my reading this attack/veneration of
> Foucault does exactly
> what you suggest --
> It's sort of interesting, in any case.
> --Katie
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