Re: if -- And-- Foucault love dolls

ask for foucault dolls, and ye shall have them.

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, charmaine driscoll wrote:

> Now Patrick that sounds like a very good notion. I never thought of that: A
> Foucault doll, and perhaps a Plato doll, and perhaps a Patrick to stick
> voodoo pins in. Where shall I pin them, in your ass' your testicles, your
> brains? Perhaps yes, your rules of enunciation might improve if I can find
> the right synapse.
> On a more serious note you sound like an old 'new critic' who has not
> overcome the episteme of your own cynical and bored reproach. I am sure you
> cannot read Derrida, or Foucalt. Perhaps you would do better to take courses
> in Introduction to Lit. Crit. Then you'd realise the meaning of what you
> are saying. God only knows, perhaps one day you might hazard a guess at what
> I am driving or others.
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