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. -- Ari -- I dont see how an author"s work can kill him . :39 +0200
-- And of course it makes a difference who is speaking. If I speak as a New
York woman and you speak as a French woman, or a black woman.... S the work
possesses no work in my view. WHat it possesses is what we give it and what
it generates in us.

>The work now possesses the right to kill, to be its author's murderer. The
>writer must assume the role of the dead man in the game of writing.
>The aspects of an individual which we designate as making him an author are
>only A PROJECTION, in more or less PSYCHOLOGIZING terms, of the operations
>we force texts to undergo.
>In order to 'rediscover' an author in a work, modern criticism uses
>similar to those that Christian exegesis employed when trying to prove the
>value of a text by its author's saintliness.
>What difference does it make who is speaking?



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