Re: Red Hot Chili Pepper fans

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Clifford Duffy wrote:
> can see it for youself. Secondly, I believe you can make the connections
> yourself. To say more on my part, in this forum would be most undeleuzian.

jesus i love the way that deleuze haunts me even on a foucault list with
the cross posting and random statements and mneumatic pumps charaterizing
the flows of desire and constraint and id and my ego (hey, let go my ego)
blowing in the wind like bob dylan after he was lynched. where is my
deleuze i seemed to have lost him under the coursing pale flash machine
generating states of minds and nations and erroding territorialities and
and and and gasp...

wait, now why was this thing about deleuze put on a foucault list? oh
yeah, i forgot, this must be some habermasian ideal speech situation,
where the mouth machine couples to the writing-seeing machine, attaches to
the ass-shitting machine and the email input-output machine. habermas put
it well when he said "just because somebody famous said it, it doesn't
mean they weren't an ass."

"Why teach religion when arithmetic is so difficult?" Joe

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