Re: insist/repetition

I am fed up!!!!!

What benefit could these non-relevant postings be for anyone?

Why should I have to delete such useless crap everytime I download into my

I mean besides discussing 'discussion' itself there does not seem to be any
relevant reason why such an example of power(lessness).

Who the fuck cares anyway?


PS Oh, I had better mention I am talking about those emails posted by people
highly critical of Mr Duffy. Don't you realise that when it comes down to
the weighing up of subjective investment (or the conflict of opinion) either
side is as right or wrong as the Other? Every insult or judgement that has
been made, has been done so against that which is in your own mind, against
that which you construct as the Other. Against yourselves. For christ's
sake... maybe THAT was what the message was behind those postings, to stop
being so goddamn narrow minded. I thought thinking was meant to be the
primary job of an academic?

PPS I think it is rather amusing actually...

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