Re: Democratic News & Anti-Oedipus

---------- It all sounds very inventive and imaginative. Why the anger and
disgust? Do I detect a tad of envy from one whose name is Wousters and what
shall we say it puts us in mind of. The pompous self-righteousness of those
narrow minded prigs. You , like others in the various lists F. D&g etc. seem
to have a hate on for any political essay, discussion or observations about
the Palestinians. You might actually read these authors Foucault Derrida,
Guattari , and others.. to see what you are missing.. So yes, let Mister
Duffy be deleuzian. When he says that, and he is a she by the way, it is
evident he speaks with her Mama cheek(check) in her tongues. Is he a she? On
the poetics list it was disclosed that Mr. Clifford Duffy is indeed
Christine W. Duffy, a student of philosophy.

How shall we praise?
in addition you should take several e-mail-addresses and pseudonyms. Not
because in that way you still end up in the post-boxes of those who threw
cwduffy in the kill-file months ago, but only because that 's so very
deleuzean, to be a multiplicity.
>BTW, about Anti-Oedipus: that is a difficult book.-- such original comments
>on a great book are better left unsaid. Some threads you says? Comment?
> there are no threads but plateau and strata, escape desire plugs and
>machines... some paranoia perhaps in your so-named readings.........
>exactly inexactly... a phrase of machining.... Some threads are clear,
>others obscure, and on some places, if they had written exactly the
>opposite of what they wrote, I would not see the difference. Three phrases
>are especially unclear to me. What do you think of "connective synthesis
>(of production)", "disjunctive synthesis (of recording)", and "conjunctive

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