Who was P.Klossowski? Was he a friend of Deleuze? And Derrida seems to me
the closest one to Deleuze . The ideas almost work parallel but with
differences as subtle as sex. As worlds perhaps of anaoedipal viral sexoid
fucks? Of logic and surface and the lazy field of desire immanence and why
does Derrida critique or question the Deleuzian "obssession" let us call it
with Immanence? Is not all this imaginary, a sort of paranoia of the
philosopher in the face of his analysis, and that in the case of Deleuze
led to his untimely death? Perhaps.

And the expression BWO from the french poetdramaturge, was this not merely a
form of speech, a madman's ravings, a sick man, an obssessed man, a drug
addict seeing the world through his schizo-form and deformed perspective.
Allen Ginsberg once speculated that if Hart Crane had gotten the right
lover, and the right sex, and the right getting laid, well then, maybe Crane
would have lived and not killed himself. And Artaud's bwo might have been
less prominent had he found some one to have sex with, a lover, a partner,
the double of his own self. Now is this not so Plateau with the stream of
desire, he might come back from the dead to write again, and to Act his
Theatre and its Double - His Own.
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