rorty /sartre

I'n afraid either you or Rorty has misquote Sartre -- What Sartre said - in
his book Search for a Method (trans. Hazel Barnes) was
"Men make themselves out of what other men have made of them...." Indeed.
And Sartre is quoting Marx. So in fact Rorty is wrong. At least about that
part of what you are speaking to. What Sartre by way of Marx was saying was
that totalization is not reductive of human freedom. This by way of his wish
to counter the Stalinist reductionism of the P.C. at the time in France and
in USSR. Reducing the Marxian project to a deterministic thought. Which it
is not. And what Sartre went on to achieve in Critique of Dialectical Reason
(which influenced A\O ATP ie. deterritorialization etc.) was the
over-turning of deterministic modes of thought viz-a-viz history.
Regulative principles are what we must contend with and not Laws. As in
Marxist Ussr thinking a la Luckas and others. Anyhow, this is merely to
touch on the surface of your interesting comments.
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