Explaining why he was a philosopher.

The "specific" work of the philosopher is to "make"
notions (or concepts). For example the other
"disciplines:)))" research empiric material, or they
investigate the notions, which the philosophers has
already "made". Everything Foucault did is to "make"
notions - he was "making" the notion of power in all
his books, the purpose was to make a more adequate
notion for power - that is the specific job of the
philosopher, as I said already. In the "Archeology.."
his work was focused on making the notion for
"enonce", i dont know how You translate it in english,
also to make notion for the dispersion of the
discurses. In Surveiller and Punir the work was
focussed on the making of the notion for discipline.
In the part " The Panoptic" he did hard work on
forming, from the material, forming the notion of the
"panoptic" and from there the notion of the
"disciplinized society". Notion , or concept, is a
single "phrase" , or "word" , which have to embrace
and unite in itself a endless number of concrete
cases, without loosing their specifity, but making
thus making em clear to the mind; the notions embraces
the diversity. For example here we are making a notion
- our discusion is "making" the notion for "the
nationalism" By those countless messages we are making
"one concept".
Foucault also did beatifull notions of "dispositif" ,
serie and so on. There is deep philsophical sense in
those notions, which one day i will explain it here.

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> >Personally me, I am Bulgarian. First: The Balkans
> are
> >not "area" or "region". This is one of those matrix
> >like that of the nationalism, which the west
> >constructed and applied to us, and then claim it is
> a
> >definition they found in the nature of our
> existence.
> >Isn't that so much Foucauldian?
> Actually, it is rather un-Foucauldian. Foucault
> would never accept the idea
> that nationalism was somehow unilaterally imposed by
> "the West" on "everyone
> else." It is inconsistent with his idea of power
> relations.
> Your casual use of 'us' is also un-Foucauldian.
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