Sartre -- Critique

.Stuart -- you raise an interesting point. A well-written and interesting on
these matters is Reason and Violence -- A Decade of Sarte --- R.D.Laing and
David Cooper. The question as to whether Sartre changed his angle somewhat
is denied by Sartre . In his own words he depasse(d) his earlier work and
included it in the new synthesis.. More later.. this is a fast riposte to
your comments.
--- The Heidegger Marx Sartre circle is another matter. And more complex...
Must run. I have my existential hole to fill. With desiring-productions.
>Now I don't want to discount that Rorty may have misquoted, but on my
>limited knowledge of Sartre the first sounds like the Sartre of Being and
>Nothingness and Existentialism is a Humanism; the second we know is from
>Search for a Method (part of the Critique of Dialectical Reason). There's a
>fairly major shift in Sartre's work between these two projects, and that
>explain the similar, though clearly fundamentally different, claims.
>As Lefebvre said in his 1946 L'existentialisme: 'it is possible that M.
>Sartre does not understand the difference between Heidegger and Marx'.
>by the Critiques he'd realised the difference between _his_
>of Heidegger and his (mis?) understanding of Marx...
>Just a suggestion - it may well be completely wrong!

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