Re: Genetic Fallacy

Well, Jivko, this is a rahter over simplified account of the present
political discourse. CNN is certainly not the voice of the West and
there is not an evil entity called 'the West' which is blackmailing
innocent victims. But maybe you'll accuse me of having a false
consciousness, becaue I'm not playing the bad guys-good guys game.


Jivko Georgiev wrote:

> Do You know the word shantage? My suggestion was that
> "Nationalism" is a western notion, rather than a fact,
> with which the west is trying to shantage ( blackmail)
> the other world. For example: CNN sais " In
> Yougoslavia they are nationalists, thats why we should
> proclaim war to them" So, in this case, the west
> inhabitants understand what is nationalism, and they
> give their votes for war. But the other world does not
> understand what is "nationalism"- it isnt in the
> dictionary of the rest world. Si "nationalism" is
> specific word, with which the west is backmailing the
> world. That was my suggestion.
> Jivko

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