Re: Liberalism and Foucault list

Good discussion lately. But how exactly would a liberal interpretation of
Foucault go? I know there was some miscommunication earlier on the list in
which I could probably tease out how it would go, but would someone care to
make it more straightforward? (even if you don't subscribe to such a view)

>From: Ali Rizvi <ali_m_rizvi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Liberalism and Foucault list
>Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:22:22 +0000
>Dear List,
>I was a bit surprised by Ari's comments that the liberal reading of
>Foucault is a popular reading on this list.
>Although I have never been able to follow all that goes on this list
>exhaustively I have been following most of the threads on the list for last
>couple of years and it is not my impression on the whole.
>I would like to here from others what they think.
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