I concur with the following:
> The intervening variable connecting warfare and submission is "the
>sacred ideal," or omnipotent object. The psychological posture of
>occurs in relationship to the desire for attachment or wish to connect to
>omnipotent object. One submits because one believes that the object is the
>source of goodness and power. The object to which one wishes to submit is
>object one worships.

I grew up with my father's WWII uniform hanging in my closet and I was
exposed to military parades and socialisation from a young age. I joined
army cadets, army reserve and even spent a bit of time in the regular army
(albeit in peacetime Canada 1973-1994). I now derive a great deal of
pleasure playing bagpipes in an army reserve band in Australia, where I now
live. I suppose I perceive the Queen of Canada and the Queen of Australia
as the source of goodness and power and that explains why I opose republican
sentiment so strongly. I feel a strong sense of service and often reflect
on how fortunate I have been not to have been called to take up arms against
a real oponent firing real bullets at me.

Furthermore, I feel obliged to point out to republicans (I am not referring
to the American Republican party or the American Democrat party - being a
Canadian, I ignor all Americans with equal enthusiasm) their errors.

I have worked with former Nazis in a medium size Toronto business and
realise that they are all nice people, who got caught up in a dangerous
source of goodness and power. I have been in family homes in Germany, where
photos of men in Nazi uniforms still are held in high esteme; while I was
looking at the photos one man made this comment, 'my fuder eicht goot man,
mein SS nicht goot.' I suppost that sums it up for me in one sentence.

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