That's what I was suggesting - the gaze makes people want to be a part of
it. Hence, they submit to whatever is on the agenda. For example, an
enthusiastic inocent teenager from Canada joins the army reserve as a
highschool hobby, becomes indoctrinated and goes off to instable places to
take part in dangerous activities and is eventually maimed or maims others.
Had he not been enticed to become part of what he was attracted to he would
not likely have taken part in dangerous activities.

People perceive that reality is occuring in the place they have been
indoctrinated into. Cults for example. My interpertation of gaze is that
it helps to explain this.

>From: PsycheCulture@xxxxxx
> One may imagine that power is coming "from above." However, it is
>wish to be part of that power--to be connected to "the source"--that
>generates the wish to submit.
> To be disconnected (fear of being apart) means that one is no
>bound to that place where we imagine reality is occurring.
>One is disciplined by the fantasy that someone is watching (and cares).
>With regards,
>Richard K.
>Richard Koenigsberg, Ph. D.
>Director, Library of Social Science

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