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Still not completely sure what you are looking for, but a book edited by James
Hay, Lawrence Grossberg and Ellen Wartella on the broad topic of 'audience
studies' contains a few articles that might interest you (considering you seem
interested in the authorities of delimitation). Amongst others: Blumler has
one titled 'Recasting the Audience in the new television marketplace?"; Martin
Allor (in a foucauldian perspective) writes 'The politics of producing
audience'; David Morley's 'The geography of television: ethnography,
communications, and community' might also be of some interest to you. But
there are also other texts in here if you can find it.

Ref: 1996. The audience and its landscape, Westview press. ISBN 0-8133-2285-5


Selon "cvs. sarma" <cvssn@xxxxxxxx>:

> Thanks for the suggestions. The way I want to look at it is to embed the
> discussion within the parameters of "the objects". more precisely:
> 1. what are the surfaces of their emergence?
> 2. what are the authorities of delimitation? (is it just the market
> research agencies, the academia,etc?)
> 3. what are the grids of specification?
> 4. what are the *secondary relations* in a television discourse?
> 5. when Foucault says, the *objects of discourse are at the limit of
> discourse* how does it apply to say, audience research in television? or
> textual analysis?
> It would have been easy for me to go the anthropological way, and just say
> that making a subject *strange* is the first step to dealing with it
> intellectually/academically. but thats too easy and to me sounds shallow.
> also, i needed something that could bring diverse fields together (political
> economy, textual analysis, audience studies, psychoanalysis and the viewer,
> feminist criticism, genres and so on, and the sweep seems possible with
> Foucault.
> does anyone know of resources/books/journal articles that deal with
> television?
> thanks for the suggestions so far.
> C.V.S.Sarma
> cvssn@xxxxxxxx

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