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Without professing any great expertise on the latter, I (too) have been struck
more by the similarities (or at least the possible interlacing) of the work of
Habermas and Foucault. In this respect, a helpful volume - of which you are no
doubt already aware - is Ashenden and Owen (eds). Foucault Contra Habermas:
Recasting the Dialogue Between Genealogy and Critical Theory. London: Sage,


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>Is anybody reading or have already read Beatrice Han's Foucault's Critical
>Project: Between the transcednetnal and the historical? The book was
>published back in 1998 in French but english version has just come out.
>Havent read it yet but on intitial borowsing (and with some prior
>information about its content) seems interesting. Two things strike me at
>once. One is its emphasis on Kantian heritage of Foucault and the other its
>the consideration of transcendetnal theme in Foucault as central. Back in
>1996 I had written my masters dissertation on similar themes and am
>interested in this aspect of Foucault since then. I would very much like to
>share with others interested in similar themes.
>Also I am looking to initiate a discussion regarding Foucault's conception
>of ontology and epistemology and their relation in the context of his
>overall thought. I think this topic is closely related to Foucault's
>relation with Kant and his conception of transcendence.
>I am currently working on a comparative study about Foucault and Habermas
>based on their respective conception of epistemology and ontology and would
>like to get in touch with anybody out there interested in this or related
>themes. Normally Habermas and Focuault are considered very different and at
>times thinkers at war against each other. But there are close affinities
>nevertheless which I think are worth pursuing not with the aim of levelling
>differences but with the aim of understanding divergences and convergences
>that constitute our present.
>Best regards
>and happy new year to all listers.
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