Foucault and excellence

Over the past few years I have come to see Foucault's ideas as providing
great insight into how people deal with the problems they face. Achieving
excellence in the face of crisis could be discussed in terms of Foucault.

I invite members of this list to consider submitting a paper along those
lines. From the discussions I have watched on this list, many people are
involved in some sort of research that fits this theme.

Perhaps one could even discuss the human frailty that leads to the pursuit
of excellence and that mediocrity is a more natural state for people. It
certainly seems that way inside my university these days, as the quest to
resolve a $10,000,000 financial crisis has led - in some cases - to the
reduction of excellence to mediocrity.

Lionel Boxer - 0411267256 - lboxer@xxxxxxxxxxx
In 1976 Michale Foucualt said: ... terrorism ... has a totally opposite
effect which is to make the bourgeois class even more closely attached to
its ideology ... (original in French) 'Le Savoir Comme Crime'

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