Re: power and war

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>>> jehms@xxxxxxxxx - 3/31/03 5:10 AM >>>

So is this war not a medieval
kind of war, based on a mythical consciousness? The comparison with
crusades might not be so far fetched as it seems. If so I can
understand why
the fundamentalist protestants and Muslims are so inspired. These
have been brought up with tales of personal absolute power of a
personal God
and his chosen ones. Would it be fair to conclude that religion creates
islands of personal power dynamics within the rizomatic power

Certainly any religion that believes in a personal god. It's a bit
ethnocentric, however, to say that all religion functions in the same
way. All of which begs the question of is there a stable entity that
can be termed religion or merely an unstable body of practices for
constructing a self relation to the Other(s)?


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