Re: Drug Gaze

At 07:44 AM 6/28/2003 +0100, francisfarrell wrote:
>First of all, I think using the word 'pot' makes the postings seems very
>I don't know if smoking cannabis damages the brain. I know that most people
>smoke it mixed with tobacco, so lung damage could well be taking place. I
>suspect that although cannabis may not be addictive, people develop nicotine
>addiction as a by-product. I wonder how many people go through a phase of
>smoking cannabis, perhaps as youths, leave off but find they have developed
>a cigarette habit. The tobacco companies must relish every move that
>increases the number of people smoking cannabis.

Hello All,

I am also a silent member (as well as fairly new) of the list as I am still
a newcomer to the world of Foucault, but I know I can say this for certain.
I have been using cannabis for years and know that it has not developed a
cigarette habit or any nicotine addiction in me as I am still repulsed even
by the scent of cigarettes. Cannabis is the only "drug" I ever indulge in
and it hasn't proven to be a "gateway" drug as the religiously influenced
would have liked me to believe. My motivation was and still is simply
curiosity of a new experience and different perspective with a love for
comedy and humor. It is no more addictive than hiking and fishing and
certainly less than chocolate chip cookies or alcohol.


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