Re: Drug Gaze

Hello, James.

Glad to hear Mr. Nicotine hasn't got his hooks in you. You don't say in your
message that you smoke cannabis with tobacco, but I assume you do.

I imagine the issue of nicotine addiction as a by-product would depend on
how frequently one smoked dope. Somebody who smoked a cigarette or two every
day would be in danger of developing withdrawal symptoms if they didn't have
their ciggie. If the tobacco is taken in the form of a daily joint or two,
then I suppose the same craving might develop.

I know people who smoke dope. They will smoke several joints a night. They
tell me that the first one is the best (getting them high). The subsequent
joints get them stoned. Like many things, a taste may be better than a glut.
My suspicion is that the desire to smoke the subsequent joints arises partly
from a wish (perhaps not even recognised) to satisfy a craving to smoke.

Then again, there is the question of damage to the lung tissue.

Here in the UK there is quite a debate going on regarding smoking cannabis.
The laws are being relaxed. It is becoming more socially acceptable.
Doctors, though, are warning that it may not be as harmless as its
supporters assert. Strains of cannabis are now much stronger than that
smoked in earlier times (I wonder what the position of dope smokers will be
on Genetically Modified Marijuana if/when it arrives?!) And they point out
that any smoke in the lungs is not good for you.

I suppose we have drifted off the area of Foucault analysis. Perhaps govts
should (from their point of view) encourage drug taking because it makes
some people who might otherwise organise and take part in political
resistance more apathetic (or just plain forgetful). Or, perhaps they should
encourage these people to become involved in hard drugs so that they are too
busy sorting out their next fix to consider revolution.



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