Re: Drugs and Social Reality

--- Bryan Clark <bryan_clark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> WARNING: serious scholars throw this one away too.
> its a drunken rant. i
> know silence would probably be the best policy...

you're right, it would have been the best policy,
since jill articulated these points more clearly and
with better temper...

> i'm really pissed off.

it's just an e-mail list dawg...

> Sorry...sorry. I know I'm an asshole.
> Thats just
> my style.

why do these apologies sound hollow? this is the
second time that you have seen fit to post responses
equally as inappropriate as the ones you shower with
derision. richard's postings may better fit on a
'psychoanalytic bullshit list' but yours would better
fit on the 'i know i'm an asshole so here goes' list.
seriously, you do seem to have quite a handle on
foucault and i enjoy what you have to say but this
stuff isn't necessary at all.

But I mean


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