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I am looking at Chris Weedon's book right now. If you read page 22 that
leads into her introduction of "male gaze" you find her enthusiastic
inducement for feminists to read Foucault. She leads from that praising of
Foucault into her use of the term "male gaze".

Perhaps I am reading more into it than I should, but I reckon she means
that. But, I do not think she is referring to men looking, I think that she
is referring to the imposition on women and their behaviour by the
Foucauldian 'male gaze'; why else would she talk about Foucault in the
previous paragraph especially when she sites works that deal quite a bit
with Foucauldian gaze?

In this book, her Foucalt references include:
Birth of the Clinic
I, Pierre ...
What is an Author
HofS... V1
HofS... V2

Weedon, C 1987 Feminist Practice and Poststructuralist Theory, Basic
Blackwell Inc, Oxford


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>Thanks for your reply Lionel. I need more time to process it, but i just
>wanted to clarify that Chris Weedon in that extract was speaking
>specifically about 'pornography and much advertising' which offer
>'models of femininity in which a particular version of female sexuality
>is paramount. It is a form of femininity in which women direct themselvs
>totally to the satisfaction of the male gaze, male fantasies and male
>I took that to mean a much more ordinary sense of 'gaze' than the way
>Foucault uses it, but others may correct me.

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