Re: Where it was resistance of the dominant it is now the dominant

Lionel Boxer wrote:

> My suggestion is that marijuana is no longer merely resistance or
> contestation of the dominant order. My impression is that marijuana has
> become the dominant order.

Marijuana might have become the dominant order in some circles, among certain subcultures. But that's not THE dominant order.

Since someone on the list has already mentioned Eminem... Hip-hop music has been always asscociated with drugs and the contestation of the dominant culture
and now it has entered the commercial mainstream culture. Hence many people may have an impression that drugs/marijuana has indeed become the dominant
order. I'd rather see that as subversion containement. In such a way, the dominanat culture gains more power to control subversive meanings associated with
drugs. Hence, the impression that it is no longer resistance or contestation of the dominant order. Thus, the desired effect has been achieved.

> In other words, will your children laugh at you for being part of the
> marijuana drug gaze?

Your laughing criterion just doesn't seem to me to be the best methodology.

> Or maybe I have been living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia too long.
> Australia is the best source of vintage 1960s Fender guitars, 1990s Harley
> Davidson motorcycles, used Masonic regalia, etc, etc, etc.

Yes, there always remains the question of the geographical location.

Katarzyna Marcinkowska

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