Re: Subjects

Isn't the problem how to avoid falling into a dialectical trap where
subject and object become one, so that right when we think we're being
most Nietzschean Hegel rears his head? Isn't this precisely the danger
Foucault warns of in his inaugural address to the College de France?


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>>> francois.gagnon.1@xxxxxxxxxxxx 07/09/03 11:18 AM >>>
Your last question is right on: I think you should try to explain why it
be an issue in your view...

> Mariana Intagliata <intagliata@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Any thoughts on how to reconcile the subject that's a product of the
> technologies of power with the self creating subject of the
technologies of
> the self? any books that you can recommend on the matter? is it a
> problematic issue or not?
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