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Hi Mariana,

If you want to pursue the conception of freedom I mention further. I
recommend the following

1) Fred A Dallmayr "Ontology of Freedom, Heidegger and Political Philosophy"
Political theory vol 12 no. 2 May 1984: 204-234.

2) Martin Heidegger, The essence of human freedom : an introduction to
philosophy ,
London : Continuum, 2002.

For Foucault's cocneption of freedom on this line, I recomment the

1) Olivia Custer Exercising Freedom: Kant and Foucault, Philosophy-Today.
1998; 42(Supp): 137-146.

For Foucault on Freedom and Subject see a short but essential piece

Subject and Power, by Foucault reproduced in Dreyfus and Rabinow's Foucault
as Afterward alos reprduced in Essential Foucault vol. 3

On subject generally history of sexuality as you say is important but also
Discipline and Punsihment which is essentially a history of modern subject
(see on his Stuart Elden, Mappying the Present) and also Foucualt's lectures
entitled, L'Hermeneutique du sujet : Cours au Collège de France (1981-1982).
Also see, L?Herméneutique du sujet: Cours au Collège de France (1981-82)
(Michel Foucault)?, The Heythrop Journal, Vol 44 No 1, January 2003, pp.
88-91 by Stuart Elden. We had also a discussion gropu on this. Some one on
here might have its archives saved with them.

I have a very rough draft of a long paper on Foucualt and freedom. If you
like i would be happy to forward it.


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Hi Ali,

that's a good point you make. It's very difficult for me to think about
freedom that way. That's why I was asking, not to read Foucault the way I
think, but to understand what he really means.
Now I'm going to rethink things in those terms. I've got new questions
but maybe I'll find an answer as I develop these ideas.
I need to read more Foucault, considering I've only read
-Technologies of the Self: A Seminar With Michel Foucault;
-The History of Sexuality: Volume 1, an Introduction;
-The History of Sexuality: Volume 2, The Use of Pleasure;
-The History of Sexuality: Volume 3, The Care of The Self;
-A verdade e as formas juridicas.
Knowing that and bearing in mind that I'm interested in the relation
between the subjects and freedom, what should I read next? any suggestions?

Best regards,

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I think it is a problematic issue only if we take an old view of
freedom to
our heart. A view of freedom which counterpose freedom to limits.
However, I
believe, Foucuault is working with an entirely different and a new
conception of freedom where limits are considered as the condition of
freedom and not necessarily hinderence to it.[And I believe Foucault took
this conception of freedom from Heidegger] Only cenrtain constellations of
limits produce domination not limits per se. That is why analysis must be
concrete and historically specific.

About books I am not sure but Foucault's own books are a starting
point. May
be if you have not read Foucualt before start with Foucault Reader.

Best luck.

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Subject: Subjects
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Any thoughts on how to reconcile the subject that's a product of the
technologies of power with the self creating subject of the technologies of
the self? any books that you can recommend on the matter? is it a
problematic issue or not?

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