RE: Gouvernementality / Il faut défendre la société

Hiro, Caludius, Stuart, and others

Thanks for your interesting/informative recents posts.

Stuart can you possibliy provide the full reference to the Economy and
review your refer to?

The recent book by Ann Laura Stoler Stuart refers to might be Tensions Of
Empire : Colonial Cultures In A Bourgeois World (eidited with Frederick
Cooper). The contents of the books are as follows for those interested.

[Between Metropole and Colony: Rethinking a Research Agenda / Ann Laura
Stoler and Frederick Cooper -- 1. Liberal Strategies of Exclusion / Uday S.
Mehta -- 2. Imperialism and Motherhood / Anna Davin -- 3. Of Mimicry and
Man: The Ambivalence of Colonial Discourse / Homi Bhabha -- 4. Images of
Empire, Contests of Conscience: Models of Colonial Domination in South
Africa / John L. Comaroff -- 5. Sexual Affronts and Racial Frontiers:
European Identities and the Cultural Politics of Exclusion in Colonial
Southeast Asia / Ann Laura Stoler -- 6. "The Conversion of Englishmen and
the Conversion of the World Inseparable": Missionary Imperialism and the
Language of Class in Early Industrial Britain / Susan Thorne -- 7. Race,
Gender, and Citizenship in the German Colonial Empire / Lora Wildenthal --
8. "Le bebe en brousse": European Women, African Birth Spacing, and Colonial
Intervention in Breast Feeding in the Belgian Congo / Nancy Rose Hunt.
9. Tradition in the Service of Modernity: Architecture and Urbanism in
French Colonial Policy, 1900-1930 / Gwendolyn Wright -- 10. Educating
Conformity in French Colonial Algeria / Fanny Colonna -- 11. The Difference
- Deferral of a Colonial Modernity: Public Debates on Domesticity in British
Bengal / Dipesh Chakrabarty -- 12. The Dialectics of Decolonization:
Nationalism and Labor Movements in Postwar French Africa / Frederick Cooper
-- 13. Cars Out of Place: Vampires, Technology, and Labor in East and
Central Africa / Luise White.]

Also there is a recent Review of a relavent book,
The Culture of Control: Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society, in
New York Reveiw of Books. Less theoretical but pertinent to Foucualdian
concerns. The link for Review is the following:

Also for those of you interested in Foucault Heidegger connection a new book
is out. The details are as following:

Foucault and Heidegger : critical encounters / Alan Milchman and Alan
Rosenberg, editors. Minneapolis ; London : University of Minnesota Press,
c2003. There are articles by Dreyfus, Sawicki, Hicks, Whorter, Han,
Schwartz, Elden, Paul Thiele, V. Spanos, Wyschogrod, Rudi Visker and Charles
Scott. Seems interesting.


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