Re: Il faut défendre la société

If anyone on this list is having problems obtaining a copy of Warren
Montag's review article from _Pli_ they should contact me directly at
borderlands@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and when I have sufficient responses I'll send
out a mass emailing of the ms in rtf version (38k) to everyone whose
interested, rather than clog up the list with attachments. Warren has given
me permission to distribute this piece as he sees fit and, given the
interest in _Il faut défendre la société_ on this list, I'm sure there are
many who have been unable to access this relatively obscure publication but
would like to read it, even in manuscript form.

People might also be interested in Warren's review of Negri's
_Insurgencies_. That is available for free download via Ingenta. Luckily
it was included in a free sample issue of _Historical Materialism_ (Nov 1,
2001 v9). You should be able to download it through most libraries who
subscribe to Ingenta, regardless of whether they subscribe to _HM_. If you
*really* want it and can't access it, let me know.

Dr. David McInerney
review editor
Borderlands e-journal

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