Re: Il faut défendre la société

Hi David,

Count me in for Montag's piece.

Your references all went off in good time.


At 01:18 PM 19/09/03, you wrote:
>If anyone on this list is having problems obtaining a copy of Warren
>Montag's review article from _Pli_ they should contact me directly at
>borderlands@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and when I have sufficient responses I'll send
>out a mass emailing of the ms in rtf version (38k) to everyone whose
>interested, rather than clog up the list with attachments. Warren has given
>me permission to distribute this piece as he sees fit and, given the
>interest in _Il faut défendre la société_ on this list, I'm sure there are
>many who have been unable to access this relatively obscure publication but
>would like to read it, even in manuscript form.
>People might also be interested in Warren's review of Negri's
>_Insurgencies_. That is available for free download via Ingenta. Luckily
>it was included in a free sample issue of _Historical Materialism_ (Nov 1,
>2001 v9). You should be able to download it through most libraries who
>subscribe to Ingenta, regardless of whether they subscribe to _HM_. If you
>*really* want it and can't access it, let me know.
>Dr. David McInerney
>review editor
>Borderlands e-journal

Professor Barry Hindess
Political Science Program
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