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Oh, I think that shocking thing about Foucault is his provoking style
while not laying out his methodological claims.

Additional it's a loveley anti- economist theory of oppression,
including that knowledge thing. In marxist tradition it always offers a
historical concretisation and an acknowledgement of (historical)
struggles. Its postmodernist in its anti- essentialist impetus and
poststructuralist in its treatment of knowledge. Finally Foucault offers
a wonderful language.

See -Dreyfus/ Rabinow: Beyond structuralism and hermeneutics- for an
introduction to his books.

I hope you enjoy reading Foucault.


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Hi my name is Kathy Spencer form the university of Salford (near
Manchester) in England.

I am starting to read about Foucault and was wondering if anyone
would be so kind as to give me some direction on how Foucaults
work challenges long held assumptions in the social sciences.

I am forever in your debt

Kathy spencer

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