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Well... not very impressive for a glance at Foucault's work! See inserted
comments (all the while considering that they should be developped more... but
no tiome these days!).

Selon claudius <claudius.laumanns@xxxxxx>:

> Oh, I think that shocking thing about Foucault is his provoking style
> while not laying out his methodological claims.

He has written a whole book on his methodology (Archaelogy of knowledge)! Few
have in fact done more in this regard.

> Additional it's a loveley anti- economist theory of oppression,
> including that knowledge thing.

No theory of oppression in Foucault: in fact, he has continuously stressed the
complete inadequacy of such theories in order to understand the workings of
power, it's productivity in the world!

In marxist tradition it always offers a
> historical concretisation and an acknowledgement of (historical)
> struggles. Its postmodernist in its anti- essentialist impetus and
> poststructuralist in its treatment of knowledge. Finally Foucault offers
> a wonderful language.
> See -Dreyfus/ Rabinow: Beyond structuralism and hermeneutics- for an
> introduction to his books.
> I hope you enjoy reading Foucault.
> Claudius
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> Hi my name is Kathy Spencer form the university of Salford (near
> Manchester) in England.
> I am starting to read about Foucault and was wondering if anyone
> would be so kind as to give me some direction on how Foucaults
> work challenges long held assumptions in the social sciences.
> I am forever in your debt
> Kathy spencer

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