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I don't know a date for publication, but Graham Burchell translated it over
a year ago. It's currently in the editorial process apparently.

But Les Anormaux is due to be published first I think.

By the way, Le pouvoir psychiatrique is absolutely fantastic. I had two long
train journeys and got through it, albeit as a quick initial read. I stopped
making notes of interesting pages after the writing down of the first 20 or
so in sequence. If I get a chance soon I will post some thoughts, but let me
just say that I didn't think I would enjoy it, or get anything like as much
from it as I did.


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> Does anybody know the answer to this?
> <<Hey!
> Somebody told me that L'Hermeneutique du sujet was about to appear in
> English translation. *Do you happen to know who's doing it? *A
> contributor
> to my multiauthor volume on Seneca would like to be able to cite
> Foucault
> in English with references to the translation.
> David>>
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