AW: anarchist?

In Ill fau defendre le societe Foucault speaks about the historical project
of socialism. In the notion of class war he sees the danger of racializing
class difference, by adopting openly racist politics (antisemitism!) or
medical terms, while imagining the struglle with the enemy.

He says this is especially true about historical anarchists, because they
stress this fight thing, and less true for socialists who argue more

Anyway, i think at least he is postanarchist. ;-)


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I find this issue very interesting, because I was led to anarchism from
Marxism as a younger man by reading Foucault. But of course he was not an
anarchist. I do not think he thought anarchism was a theoretically worthy
adversary for him (unlike Marxism). Somewhere he laments how the GIP (the
prisoners' information group he started) descended into anarchism. He finds
anarchist critiques of the prison to be glorifications of criminality
(although this is quite an unfair characterisation of anarchism in general).
Todd May's The Political Philosophy of Poststructuralist Anarchism is a good
place to look for the difference between Foucault and anarchism.

> Selon Govind Shanadi <gshanadi@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Is it true Foucault denied being an anarchist? Why?
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