Re: anarchist?

Em 28 Nov 2003, foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx escreveu:

>Is it true Foucault denied being an anarchist? Why?

I think, first of all, it is necessary to have a definition of an anarchist,
a task difficult even to us, anarchists. Anarchism is a political ideology.
In their system of thought anarchists believe in the development of other
forms of social organization, in which there would be no State structure. I
think Foucault is a Libertarian, but he was surely not a political militant
of any ideology. And his works certainly helped anarchists to question the
other forms of power and control, besides the State, putting many questions
to be answered espetially in the daily life of anyone who believes in
freedom, responsability and new ways of interacting with the world without
opression and control.
It is very dangerous to generalize, though, and say anarchists are this or
that. And it is also very dangerous to say someone was this or that, when
the person hasn´t declared so. But in a more general way, I think it is
possible to "label" Foucault as a Libertarian, being a libertarian anyone
who stands for freedom and against the State (or any other institution)


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