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Hi Stuart,

Thank you for the info, Stuart.

BTW, the 1975 lectures in English translation ("Michel Foucault Abnormal")
should be available by
now, in case any one is interested. I just got mine last Wednesday. It is
surprisingly easy to read,
in comparison to his writings.


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>Just to add to this, four have been published in French so far - 1974, 1975,
>1976, 1982. 1976 is, as Mark states, already out in English, 1975 is due any
>time, 1982 has been translated and is being edited, and the translation of
>1974 is in progress. The last three all translated by Graham Burchell.
>1978 and 1979, edited by Michel Sennelart are due next year, for the 20th
>anniversary of Foucault's death.
>(minor point: the courses ran on academic years, so 1975-76 is the strict
>date for the one we are calling 1976 above. For most courses this is not
>relevant, as they ran from Jan to March, but Le pouvoir psychiatrique, for
>example, is from 7 Nov 1973 to 6 Feb 1974)
>According to the French editions, there are two more courses, 1983 Le
>Gouvernement de soi et des autres and 1984 Le Gouvernement de soi et des
>autres: le courage de la verite. Foucault never wrote the course summaries
>of these - too ill for the first, and he must have already died by the time
>the second was due, which is why they don't appear in Resume des cours or
>Essential Works Vol I. I am pretty certain he did deliver the courses
>And apparently there are plans for some other courses too - one from
>Vincennes has definitely been talked about.
>On the AIDS issue, I also think that Daniel Defert, Foucault's partner, was
>crucial in the setting up of the ACT-UP network.
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>> I believe Foucault's other Collhge de France courses are as follows:
>> 1971: The Will to Knowledge
>> 1972: Penal Theories and Institutions
>> 1973: The Penal Society
>> 1974: Psychiatric Power
>> 1975: Abnormal
>> 1976: Society Must Be Defended (already published in English, the
>> first two
>> lectures being the 'Two Lectures' in Power/Knowledge)
>> 1978: Security, Territory, and Population
>> 1979: The Birth of Biopolitics
>> 1980: On the Government of the Living
>> 1981: Subjectivity and Truth
>> 1982: The Hermeneutic of the Subject
>> There are summaries written retrospectively of each of Foucault's Collhge
>> courses in the first section of Volume 1 of his 'Essential Works'.
>> Only the 1975 and 1976 courses have been published in English as far as I
>> know, though I believe 'What is Revolution?' in Semiotext(e)'s
>> 'The Politics
>> of Truth' is a Collhge lecture. Last I heard though the plan was
>> to publish
>> the whole lot over the next few years, in no particular order.
>> Mark

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