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Thanks for recent interesting threads. I just wanted to add a bit on

Problematisation is related to Foucualt's conception of 'thinking' or
'thought' (hence history of thought etc.). A novel conception which I guess
is in many ways related to Heidegger's (but also distinguishable from it).
One of the characteristics of 'thinking' in the Foucualdian sense is
'detachment', 'distancing' [not just bracketing in the epistemological sense
but distancing in the ontological sense] from the 'given'. Thinking in this
sense may pave the way to think and act (and be) 'otherwise'.

"Problems' occur within the given field, within discourse. Problematisation
on the other hand is the way of 'distancing' from the very field and
discourse. Problematisation is more radical and fundamental than


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