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Yes, there is a cross reference, but i dont know if is related to all 4 volumes. For example,

Introduction for Traum und Existence is on page 65 of 1994 edition, and 93 of 2001 edition;

La Psychologie de 1850 a 1950, page 120 (1994), and 148 (2001);

La Recherche Scientifique..., page 137 (1994), and 165 (2001)...

Diference of 28 pages, beginning and finalizing with the same words. But i do not tested with all 4 volumes

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"Charles J. Stivale" <ad4928@xxxxxxxxx> escreveu: Dear Michael
Wow, that is ghastly, at least in terms of referencing. I know of no cross-reference tool of that sort, but do have the 4-vol set. If you have some specific ref qs, I'd be happy to try to bail you out to the extent that I can
CJ Stivale

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>I recently bought (on line, sight unseen) Foucault's D et E, in the 2 volume
>edition, and discovered that this re-edition does not carry the same paging
>as the original 4 volume. this is a most unfortunate situation, because most
>scholars refer to the 1st edition, which is currently out of print. do you
>happen to know if anybody made a cross-reference between the two editions?
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Re: [Foucault-L] Regarding Dits et Ecrits, Charles J. Stivale
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