[Foucault-L] Re : Re : Translation of énoncé to English

< Isn't it the case that when someone anounces anything, in the event of
making the anouncement public, the anouncer takes credit or authority
for the anouncement and claims his/her place in the field of power
relations (like I'm doing now)?>

1°) In the hypothetical "case" you're refering to, is "publicity" dependant upon authority ? (It seems so.)

2°) Are we talking about "anouncement" in the kind of etymological meaning unearthed by Benveniste for "dicere" ? Then, by definition, the answer to your question is yes.

3°) No - you don't have to claim any authority to post on this list. (Though people act as if they did anyway).

4°) Generally speaking, you don't have to "claim" a place in the field of power to have one. (Quite the contrary.) Plus you don't have to hold a (hierarchical) position in a system of authority to be in a (strategical) position in a given "dispositif de pouvoir". (Authority is just a form of power - and a rather "formal" one - among many others; that was kind of my point; that's why I talked about "generalization" on the part of Foucault - "generalization" in a sort of "bachelardian" sense.)

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