Re: [Foucault-L] RE?: Translation of ?nonc? to English (Thomas Lord)

Frank Ejby Poulsen wrote:
> [much]

Thank you, sir, for an amazingly generous reply. That is
going to take me hours to read and absorb. In skimming it,
I have a technical interpretation of Foucault that I think I want to
try to figure out how to pose to you as a question but I won't

I think that I understand you to see "wtf" as a profanity, directed
in this case at you. My professional linguistic community is far
less strict and very little is considered profane -- so apparently I
am sometimes insensitive when crossing boundaries to other
linguistic communities.

As for my initial vagueness: that was a misjudgement on
my part of what was obvious and unambiguous vs what
ought to be spelled out.
I'm quite embarrassed and, again, thank you for such a generous
reply and I'll try not to waste the opportunity of receiving it.


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