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The reference I think you are alluding to is in History of Sexuality Volume 1 (WK) pages 138-139. The passage basically argues that as Western Society?s become bio-political our conception of death shifts (it now being the limit of power) shifts. In turn, suicide itself changes from being a crime (either against the sovereign or God) to a phenomena that must be studied or understood in a bio-political society that is astonished by such a practise.

There might be other comments on sucide and bio-power in variou articales/interviews but I would have to loook those up.


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Subject: [Foucault-L] Biopower and Suicide
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I remember once reading something Foucault wrote on biopower and suicide.
Something that went like "biopolitical cannot tolerate suicide..."
I cannot remember the entire argument.
Does anyone remember such a thing in Foucault (with citations if possible)

Thanks a lot,
Halit Mustafa Tagma
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[Foucault-L] Biopower and Suicide, Halit Mustafa Tagma
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