[Foucault-L] Introduction

Dear List Members

My name is Melissa Lovell and I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science
Discipline, RSSS, ANU. My research considers how understandings of modernity
and liberalism as understood in the governmentality, postcolonial and
similar literatures might be useful to understanding contemporary settler
colonial societies including Australia and Canada. Like all PhD students I
am on a steep learning curve and seem to have a lot of literature to read
and understand in what seems like a miniscule amount of time. I look forward
to learning from and participating in the list.

Kind regards


Melissa Lovell

PhD Candidate / PARSA President

Ph: 02 6125 9547

<mailto:melissa.lovell@xxxxxxxxxx> melissa.lovell@xxxxxxxxxx

Political Science Discipline, RSSS, Australian National University


Postgraduate and Research Student Association (PARSA), ANU


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