Re: [Foucault-L] The Panoptical society

martin hardie wrote:

have you read this?

A quick preliminary note:

a) I forgot (and henceforth will skip, because it's apparent anyway)
the signature I once meant to stick to on this list: "Amateur".
For example, the previous poster mentioned the applicability of
Foucault's reading of confessional practices against social networks
and that was something I could have thought of but didn't. And,
(amateur, remember?) -- I'm not to up on the "governmentality" stuff.
My reading is not nearly as complete as most contributors here.

b) This is a quick reply -- I've only just skimmed that link. It is,
as Burroughs might have put it, "toothsome". I'll be digging in.
"new weapons" indeed.

c) Thank you. I'm now officially out of my depth for the moment, for
this list. I think I can't add much from a Foucault direction just now
but am happy to see if I can help if any questions about computers or
IT or the web go by....
(It is eerie, to me, how Foucault's analytic techniques that I've seen
so often resonate with my software engineer's perspective on complex
dynamic systems. I don't know how to articulate that resonance well,

(I may come back with a comment on that link, depending on how
the deeper readings go.)


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