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There are many amateurs ....but I'd prefer in a Deleuzian way ...
apprentices. ... and what apprenticeships don't end ... My advice is don't
let that hold you back.


On 17/01/2008, Thomas Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> martin hardie wrote:
> > Thomas
> >
> > have you read this?
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> A quick preliminary note:
> a) I forgot (and henceforth will skip, because it's apparent anyway)
> the signature I once meant to stick to on this list: "Amateur".
> For example, the previous poster mentioned the applicability of
> Foucault's reading of confessional practices against social networks
> and that was something I could have thought of but didn't. And,
> (amateur, remember?) -- I'm not to up on the "governmentality" stuff.
> My reading is not nearly as complete as most contributors here.
> b) This is a quick reply -- I've only just skimmed that link. It is,
> as Burroughs might have put it, "toothsome". I'll be digging in.
> "new weapons" indeed.
> c) Thank you. I'm now officially out of my depth for the moment, for
> this list. I think I can't add much from a Foucault direction just
> now
> but am happy to see if I can help if any questions about computers or
> IT or the web go by....
> (It is eerie, to me, how Foucault's analytic techniques that I've seen
> so often resonate with my software engineer's perspective on complex
> dynamic systems. I don't know how to articulate that resonance well,
> though.)
> (I may come back with a comment on that link, depending on how
> the deeper readings go.)
> -t
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