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I did my PhD with a woman named Abby James (who sadly passed away a few
years ago) and her dissertation was entitled "Democratic Discourse and the
Oral Practices of Griots." As far as I know it was never published but if
you can get access to dissertations from the University of Essex in the UK
(it may be that there are electronic copies that can be accessed), it might
be helpful to you. She may have also published some things, but I don't


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Hi all. I am Isaac Tibasiima. I am am MA student of Literature at Makerere
University in Kampala Uganda. My research is on the use of Foucault's ideas
on power and sovereignty in the analysis of an oral literature genre. For
the start I have hypothesised that praise poetry which is the oral
literature genre is a show of power relations among the ethnic group of
people in Uganda that I am dealing with. An understanding of Foucault and
how he develops his concept of the subject and the king or even among peers
develops a complex relationship of power among the groups of people. What I
would like to know is how probably I can incorporate especially Foucault's
idea of the relationshi further and even question the views he presents
basing on the society I'm dealing with. It should be noted that the language
of praise poetry creates very unstable relationships and ideas about who is
in power and who is not, which relationship I would see as purely Post
Structuralist. Any help or divergence from this view is highly welcome. I
also think scholars on oral literature and power in oral literature have a
lot they can pick from Foucault and other theorists on power, truth and the

Kiiza Tibasiima Isaac
MA (Literature) Candidate
Department of Literature
Makerere University
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