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I checked the PUF paperback (1963/2007, p 34, footnote 1) in French. In this
edition the source is Lanthenas, De l'influence de la liberté sur la santé
(Paris, 1792), p 8.


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> Hi
> I am sure the following is obvious but I would like to double check.
> I am reading The Birth of the Clinic, (2003, Routledge Classics) and for a
> prospective paper I was hoping to quote the quote starting and ending "By
> training citizens...most difficult enterprises." on page 39, now this is
> unsourced in the notes, however it is amongst a whole load of citations to
> Lanthenas (thus I am thinking it is obviously Lanthenas). Is it by
> Lanthenas?
> Does anyone have a direct citation from a separate publication, or (best of
> all) have read the Lanthenas publication Foucault cites and can confirm.
> Thankyou
> best regards
> Alastair Kemp
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