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Desassujettissement is not used so often by Foucault. I think, you found the crucial places.
But, desassujettissement is nearly always used in connection with assusjettissement, which is used more frequently. Other similar terms are also used in that connection such as resistance, disobedience, counter conduct etc.

The best text to obeserve this is The Subject and Power, esp. in the first part, from "the anti authorative struggles" on (p.211 in the Deyfus-Rabinow book)

Also see Security, Territory, Population (Course of 1978) lecture of 1 March 1978, note 5, referring to some manuscripts of Foucault
and on assujettissment also see Society must be defended the second lecture (14 January 1976)

machiel karskens

At 19:30 17-3-2010, you wrote:
I am hoping that some people on the list might be able to help me with
locating articles and papers where Foucault uses the term
desubjectivation/desubjugation/désassujettissement. While this is a
key concept and term within the secondary literature I have only been
able to locate two sources where Foucault uses these terms. They are:

What is Critique? and `Interview with Michel Foucault´, in J. Faubion (ed.)
Essential Works of Foucault, vol. 3.

Do others in the list know of sources where Foucault uses these specific
terms? I would be most grateful for any reference anyone could provide.

Many thanks, Michelle Brady
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[Foucault-L] eferences for Foucault's use of the term desubjectivation/desubjugation, Michelle Brady
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