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Dear Chetan,

There is a nice and inspiring article by Ian Hacking in which he compares Goffmann's approach with Foucault's and clarifies how, to some extent, their works could be read as articulations of comparable issues.

See: Ian Hacking (2004), "Between Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman: Between Discourse in the Abstract and Face-to-Face Interaction," in Economy and Society, Vol 33, No 3, 277-302

Yet another valuable essay on this theme, which deals with issues of (self) performance and which compares Butler's notion of performativity with Goffman's concept of performance, is:

Nicky Gregson and Gillian Rose (2000), "Taking Butler Elsewhere: Performativities, Spatialities, and Subjectivities" In: Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Vol 18, No 4, 433-452.

I hope these references will help you out.
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> I had to read Erving Goffman's 1959
> book on "The Performance of the
> Self in Everyday Life" and I was surprised by some of the
> correlations
> between his concept of the self as a series of theatrical
> "performances" for different social situations and the work
> of Butler,
> Foucault and Nietzsche on the de-centered nature of the
> self and the
> projection of different "subjectivities" to others.
>   Is anyone familiar with this book of sociology? If
> so, what do you
> think are similarities between Goffman and the writers
> above? More
> importantly, what are the differences? What makes Foucault,
> Butler or
> Nietzsche's conceptions of a performed self distinct from
> Goffman's
> idea of performance? Where are they original vs where are
> they not so?
> Hope this doesn't come at a bad time for everybody.
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