[Foucault-L] contemporary surveille and punish twists

I guess from this list that a lot of what academics
do these days is try to explicate foucault's views
and techniques as if they were finished artifacts,
rigidly if not yet explicitly defined, awaiting only
a precise exposition and critical analysis.

Another possibility, which is also present (but
I wrong to think "less so"?) - is to kind of
pick up the same project and continue the innovations.

This news item caught my eye as rich in potential
for Foucault scholars:

>From "Slashdot"


"Like something out of the Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report, a
startup called Social Intelligence is mining social media to weed out
job applicants based on their potential for violence, drug abuse or just
plain bad judgment. The startup also combs sites like Facebook and
Twitter to monitor current employees, presumably to monitor compliance
with company social media policy, but as the criteria are
company-defined, anything's possible. Just one more reason to watch what
you post, folks."

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