[Foucault-L] cfp Foucault and Literature

Here is a call for papers for a seminar on Foucault and Literature at the American Comparative Literature Association, which will take place in Vancouver, Canada, March 31-April 3, 2011 (Thursday evening through Sunday noon).
The question of how the work of Michel Foucault bears on the study of literature has been controversial. Some say that in his early work on madness Foucault indicates that, as a kind of counter discourse, literature resists the institutional technologies constituting the subject. Others say that in his later work on sexuality, Foucault shows that literature as well as other discourses foster the aesthetic self-creation of the individual. Still others say that, as Foucault's account of the author function suggests, literature is its own discourse with its own history and technologies. Papers discussing any or all of these accounts are welcome. To submit a proposal, please contact Phil Goldstein at pgold@xxxxxxxx

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