Re: [Foucault-L] Looking for English translation of interview with Lucette Finas

This is listed in Richard Lynch's online bibliography of shorter works by MF
published in English translation. Item 197 in Dits et Ecrits

1. "The history of sexuality" C. Gordon, ed., Power/Knowledge: selected
interviews andother writings, 1972-1977 (New York: Pantheon, 1980), pp.
183-193. Translated by Leo Marshall.

2. "Interview with Lucette Finas" M. Morris and P. Patton, eds., Michel
Foucault:power, truth, strategy (Sydney, Austr.: Feral Publications, 1979),
pp. 67-75. Translated by Paul Foss and Meaghan Morris.

3. "Power affects the body" S. Lotringer, ed., Foucault live (interviews,
1961-1984) (New York: Semiotext(e), 1996), pp. 207-213. Translated by
Jeanine Herman.
On 10 December 2010 06:40, Simon Wolf <simon.wolf@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I am trying to find the English translation of the Foucault interview with
> Lucette Finas:
> Michel Foucault, "'Les rapports de pouvoir passant a l'inteneur des
> corps,'" interview with Lucette Finas, La Quinzaine litteraire 247 (1-15
> Janvier 1977) (translated to German as: Die Machtverhältnisse durchziehen
> das Körperinnere, in: Michel Foucault: Dispositive der Macht, Merve Verlag
> 1978).

Clare O'Farrell

[Foucault-L] Looking for English translation of interview with Lucette Finas, Simon Wolf
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