Re: [Foucault-L] Looking for English translation of interview with Lucette Finas

according to the Bibliography of MF's Shorter Works by Richard Lynch

it is translated as:
- The History of Sexuality, in Gordon (ed) Power/Knowlege (New York: Pantheon 1980)pp. 183-193

- Interview with Lucette Finas, in 'Michel Foucault. Poiwer truth Strategy' already mentioned

- Power affects the body, in Lotringer (ed) Foucault Live (New York: Semiotext(e)1996) pp. 207-213

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> Hi everybody,
> I am trying to find the English translation of the Foucault interview
> with Lucette Finas: 
> Michel Foucault, "'Les rapports de pouvoir passant a l'inteneur des
> corps,'" interview with Lucette Finas, La Quinzaine litteraire 247
> (1-15 Janvier 1977) (translated to German as: Die Machtverhältnisse
> durchziehen das Körperinnere, in: Michel Foucault: Dispositive der
> Macht, Merve Verlag 1978). 
> Can anybody tell me whether the English translation is the
> interview: Michel Foucault, "Interview with Lucette Finas," in Meaghan
> Morris and Paul Patton (eds.), Michel Foucault: Power, Truth and
> Strategy (Sydney: Feral Publications, 1979)? 
> And does anybody by chance have this interview in a sendable form,
> because it seems impossible to get hold of that book?
> Thanks and best, Simon
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